The 17th CoderDojo Dazaifu, Japan! (Online)

Event Reports

August 1st (Sat), we held the 17th CoderDojo Dazaifu.
This time, for the first time in a long time, we were able to held a dojo at the venue!
The online session was co-hosted with CoderDojo Hakata, with 9 ninjas and 8 mentors and visitors.

I knew it would be nice to host a venue!
I was reminded of how grateful I am to be able to have face-to-face conversations with the children, their parents, and our mentors. I was so happy that I completely forgot to take pictures of the event at the venue :_(
Also, CoderDojo Hikari’s mentor Ecchan participated in the event, and there was a ninja from Shizuoka joined us, so we were able to enjoy interacting with people from all over the country.

Using Scratch, Viscuit, micro:bit, and so on, ninjas seemed to be absorbed in their work for about two hours.

Also, on the way, mentor Maiko introduced the “VRをつくってみよう~BLOCK VROCKであそぼう~(Let’s make VR – Let’s play with BLOCK VROCK)” event that was being held at VIVISTOP HAKATA through Zoom!

Using blocks like Scratch, we can use AR (Augmented reality. Adding new things to the real world that don’t actually exist) and VR (Virtual Reality, creating the real world itself, which is different from the real world) can be experienced easily. So the subject matter handled in children’s programming now extends to the virtual world as well. It’s really interesting to how children are seeing the future world and the future with these technologies.
Maiko, who introduced this event to us, seemed very very excited about it (lol), and there are many CoderDojo mentors who are leading the way for a fun future as much as the children are. One of the best things of CoderDojo is that you can meet such great people!

VIVISTOP HAKATA regularly hosts interesting events. It’s a fun place for anyone with 4th grade and up who registers (free) as a member. We recently collaborated with several CoderDojos, including CoderDojo Dazaifu, for another event. I’ve written an article about it, so if you’re interested, please read it!
VIVISTOP HAKATAと共催! マイクロビットであそぼう~しゃくとり虫レース~

Now, it’s time for the presentation. It’s always a great time because the ninjas are willing to talk about it. And they are so interesting that I want to introduce them all.

One ninja, who had created a maze with Scratch last time, seemed to really enjoy talking about adding more stages, getting stuck in and so on. He had so much to present that he didn’t seem to stop, so we all had a good laugh when his dad next to him muted Zoom’s microphone to force it to end!

One ninja made Scratch animations like Japanese manzai.

This one was made with Viscuit, which allows you to add various movements to your drawings.

This is a game in which you move an object without touching the black line. The object to be moved rotates 360 degrees around the outside of the object, so it looks quite difficult. It was an interesting and ingenious game.

One ninja was trying Scratch for the first time using the Introductory Text (「入門テキスト」) from CoderDojo Kamiyacho’s materials. This text is very popular, so thank you CoderDojo Kamiyacho for all your help!

And although it’s hard to see from the photo, this work uses the Scratch extension “Translate”. It translates your input Japanese into English.

This one has an interactive interface. This ninja is also about to take on the “video motion sensor” feature of the expansion. We can’t wait to see his work turns out!

At the venue Dazaifukan, there was a ninja making crafts with micro:bits. We’ll have the materials for this inchworm craft at the venue each time, so if you’d like to try it out, please reserve at the time of the application! You can even have your time counted at VIVISTOP HAKATA!

Lastly, CoderDojo Fukuoka champion Mr. Takaoka explained how multiplayer works using Scratch’s cloud variables. It seems that there are some restrictions, such as the fact that you can only use numbers as variable values, but if you make good use of them, the scope of your work will expand!

I feel like more and more ninjas are learning about the various features of Scratch and are willing to try it out. I think it’s great to try it out for yourself.
Of course it is important to learn how to program, algorithms, etc., but I want ninjas to be able to make good and fun use of computers and technology, like, “This tool has this function so I can do this or that,” or “I want to use this tool because I want to program this or that!”

Here’s a bit of publicity, but I highly recommend this event for kids who want to learn more about computers.

Computer Science in English Vol.3
“How the Internet works Part2:インターネットって何だろう?Part2”
Aug. 23th Sun. 9:30~11:30(JST)

The event is co-hosted by the Kids Code Club, headed by Maiko, a mentor at CoderDojo Fukuoka, Seattle IT Japanese Professionals (SIJP), which includes engineers from Amazon and Google in Seattle, and several universities. This is an online event. What a free event to attend!
There are homework assignments and explanations from the staff in Japanese on the day, so don’t worry if you don’t understand English. There are also a lot of games and other activities for everyone to enjoy.The best part is that you can interact with the children who participate from all over the world and the adults who are active in engineering around the world.
For more information and how to apply, please click here.

The next CoderDojo Dazaifu event is scheduled for late August at the same location. We will have a limit on the number of people who can participate, and we may have to wear masks, but we hope to be able to use the computers, micro:bits, and other educational materials at CoderDojo Dazaifu.

Please follow or friend us on Facebook and LINE to be notified of future plans. In addition to CoderDojo, we also communicate about other events and educational materials that may be beneficial to children.

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