The 16th CoderDojo Dazaifu, Japan! (Online)

Event Reports

June 27th (Sat), we held the 16th CoderDojo Dazaifu.
Eight ninjas and three mentors participated. This time, it was held by online too.
Mr. Takaoka, the champion (organizer) of CoderDojo Fukuoka, also participated in the event!

On the way, mentor Maiko introduced “Puyo Puyo Programming” to us.
Have you guys tried it yet? I think it will be a very interesting experience to get a game working with a program you wrote yourself. It has three courses: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner course, you will write only 28 lines program. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know any better, just transcribe it, complete the game, and let’s play! Let me know what you think if you try the advanced level!
Maiko, thank you for introducing us to interesting material!

Also this time, Ninjas created a lot of fun scratch projects.
First, this is the game that you move the arm to get the prize.

I can see that he’s working hard and thinking by himself. I have a feeling this ninja is going to grow up so much!

This is a maze game. Touch the red line to return to the start.

There was even a ninja who presented two works!
Geometric patterns and Merry Christmas. The below is an animated work where snow falls and piles up. I’m always impressed by how interesting the ideas are.

Then, this one is amazing.

Do you want to play with it?
It looks like it’s still under work, but it’s been uploaded to the CoderDojo Fukuoka studio (Scratch), so please take a look inside. I think that reading and imitating programs that others have written is the fastest way to get better!

When I introduced CoderDojo Ichikawamama’s teaching materials, one ninja worked on “Kimo-Medama(きも目玉)” and “Folk tales(昔話)” from the “Ninja Village Cards(忍者の里カード)” right away. “Kimo-Medama” was cute and little weird, lol. Please take a look at the materials to see what kind of the work. And keep referring to it, improving it, and mastering the scratch!
Very good stuff! I really recommend it!

This is a slot game where you match the colors. What kind of program would you write to make this? The wonderful thing about programming is that there is no one answer. Let’s think about how to make!

This time, they were all scratch works. Each one was unique and interesting, and they did a very good job of expressing and communicating their works!
And, Takaoka introduced us MakeCode Maker.

He’s very quick to get information! He can’t ignore the word “Maker”, he says, lol. It’s lovely!
We’re planning some interesting electronics-related events with CoderDojo Fukuoka, CoderDojo Hakata, and Kids Code Club, so stay tuned!
I’ll be able to tell you more about it soon.

We are looking at holding the next CoderDojo Dazaifu in mid-July or later.
We will have a limit on the number of people, masks, etc., but we would like to make use of the computers, micro:bits, and other educational materials we have at CoderDojo Dazaifu.
In some cases, we may hold the event simultaneously online, so we’ll be looking forward to having people from all over the country join us in that case!

Please follow or friend us on Facebook and LINE to be notified of future plans. In addition to CoderDojo, we also communicate about other events and educational materials that may be beneficial to children.

By the way…
Yukai Engineering donated two robot programming materials through CoderDojo Japan.
“ユカイな生きものロボットキット” and “ココロキット”. I can’t wait to see what fun, original robots ninjas will create with these. I’ll be bringing them to next CoderDojo Dazaifu! If you definitely want to do this, please book it when you apply!

I am glad if you can correct my strange English sentences.
Please tell me secretly by email or comment 😉 Thank you!!!