The 14th CoderDojo Dazaifu, Japan! (Online)

Event Reports

The 14th CoderDojo Dazaifu was held on Sunday, April 12th.
This time, it was held on the web using Zoom. It was our first online event, but we managed to hold it successfully with 5 mentors and 8 ninjas!👏

It seems that some of the children were new to online Dojo for the first time, and some of them had participated several times. I wonder if everyone (especially I) was a little nervous about communication through the camera.
Thank you to all who gave me various reactions to the unfamiliar progression!
There were lots of reflections, but I also got many new discoveries and points to be better, so please look forward to the next time!

This time, we set the rule that everyone (ninjas and mentors) work on Scratch.
First, I did a lecture on how to draw sprites. Did it help you make your own sprites?

And ninjas …
One ninja made a program that ask questions of Math, Japanese(National language) and so on. Another ninja made a program that many characters speak her own recorded audio.
And another ninja made a work that shows how the amount of water changes.
All of them were working on interesting works.
Finally, they have presented and explained their works very well online!

In the mentor’s presentation…
One mentor made a translation program in several countries using translation and speech synthesis of extended functions.
Another mentor told that we are able to use Scratch with the Raspberry Pi.
And then, it may be a little advanced content, one mentor explained about deadlock with a work dealing with ‘Dining Philosophers Problem’.
I think it’s difficult, but we’d be happy if ninjas grow more by knowing what they can do with Scratch and by learning computer science and algorithms.
If you think you can do it yourself, or if you find it interesting, please give it a try!

Scratch also has extensions. You can use it to add special blocks and use them. There are various types, so let’s use them. If you want to know how to use it, ask at CoderDojo!

Even now I don’t know when it will converge, we don’t want to stop educating our children. I think the use of the internet, such as online lessons, will be considered in school education after this new virus difficulty.
Children are so flexible that I hope they have more learning options!
If online, even at CoderDojo Dazaifu, gathering people from all over the world is not a dream. To become a dojo which is participate ninjas from various countries is wonderful!
Anyway, we would like to take many challenges.

Finally, I would like to thank the CoderDojo Hakata champion Mr. Ikemura for backing up this event. And also I would like to thank the CoderDojo Fukuoka champion Mr. Takaoka for joining us. We would also like to work with nearby CoderDojo and coordinate their dates so that they can join Dojo every week.
I think it will be a good experience just to participate, so please feel free to join us! Beginners are welcome too!

We will notify you via Facebook or LINE, so please follow us or register as a friend.

Saturday, 18th Apr, 14:00
The 31st CoderDojo Fukuoka will be held online.
We look forward to your participation!

I am glad if you can correct my strange English sentences.
Please tell me secretly by email or comment 😉 Thank you!!!